Review of the ContiSportContact 3

ContiSportContact 3

For those who are looking forward to enjoying their outdoor pursuits in the most comfortable possible way, then the ContiSport 3 Winter tyres for Golfers is the perfect choice. This brand has spent considerable time and effort in understanding what makes a perfect fitting set of tires for a golfer and to have put this into practice to ensure that each and every model can be fitted as close to the average golfer as possible, whilst still offering the advantage of a high level of handling and steering precision. In fact, these tires not only offer great driving qualities, but also excellent traction control so that you are always assured of a great distance on the greens. If you are looking forward to upgrading your current set of golfing tires, then this is one of the tires to look out for. The Conti SportContact 3 Winter tire line-up, from the brand, features an extensive range of products that will not only enable you to perform better on the course, but also provide you with maximum value for money.

Review of the ContiSportContact 3

The Conti SportContact 3 Winter tires for Golfers are designed with the requirements of a golfer in mind. For example, this product features a highly recommended sidewall design to ensure that the golfer does not encounter any rubbing problems while driving the cart around the greens. It is also recommended that this summer tyre for Winter is fitted with a deep tread pattern and feature a built-in slip plate. Overall, this performance oriented model of the Conti SportContact 3 Winter is highly recommended by many professional golfers due to its great characteristics.


Apart from that, this brand also features a high level of grip that enables you to use the tires in wet and dry road conditions with confidence, thereby enhancing your driving confidence. The contisportcontact 3 series also features an extreme drivetrain that is capable of delivering quick responsiveness and high levels of acceleration. The result of which is that you enjoy extremely low levels of wear and tear, making it ideal for use on both wet and dry road surfaces. In addition, this performance-oriented model is also extremely long lasting, meaning that you will get many happy years out of it before it begins to show signs of wear.