Rabbit Traps – Save Your Rabbit

Rabbit Traps Australia

Rabbit traps Australia can help solve many a domestic problem, not just in Australia but worldwide. In Australia we have rabbits that have been in residence for many years, escaping owners and causing property damage. Rabbits may also be considered vermin to the state governments of certain states and as such must be trapped and removed immediately. This is a huge problem in the USA where deer are a major problem and some cities have become rabbit overruns.


Some traps are designed to capture rabbits that have already entered the premises so as to prevent any new arrivals. The entry site of a trap must be clean of dead or dying rabbits and there must be no food or water inside. Ideally this should be right in the centre of the garden but this is not always possible.


Rabbits are clever and acrobatics and will often scale fences or hop across fences if they are not captured immediately. If the rabbit is caught and taken away from the premises then it will not return. Rabbits are known to travel long distances and as a result, rabbit traps must be made with a quick release mechanism in order to prevent them returning. There are many different kinds of rabbit traps available but one of the most popular of these is the cat trap. As cats are very clever and elusive animals they can be trapped easily and then taken back to a safe place.

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