Cheap Car Key Replacement Near Me

cheap car key replacement near me

Losing your car locksmith near me is frustrating, but it could also be expensive. Unless you have a spare, you’ll likely need to get a new one from the dealership or a locksmith. But it doesn’t have to be. The key to saving money is knowing your options. Here are a few ways to cut costs and still get your car back on the road quickly.

Whether your vehicle has traditional metal keys or modern smart keys, it can be expensive to replace them. Metal keys can be copied at a hardware store or locksmith for about $10 each, but modern smart keys must be ordered from the dealer and cost $200 to $500 for replacements.

For older vehicles that have separate keys for the ignition and doors, AutoZone can replace your old key for about $30. They will select a new blank key that matches your year, make, and model, and their machine will trace the original contours of the existing key to cut a copy. It’s a fast and inexpensive option, especially if you don’t need to program the new key for your car’s systems.

Budget-Friendly Car Key Replacement Services: Where to Get the Best Deals

If you have a smart key that must be programmed, the best way to save money is to visit a locksmith. Many of these professionals have specialized equipment that can reprogram your new key for most models, so they can often get the job done cheaper and faster than a dealership. In addition, some automotive scan tools have built-in key programming features that can be used for a fraction of the price of an individual stand-alone programmer.

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