Using Body Slide Effectively

body slide

Using body slide effectively is essential to a good presentation. This is especially important with an interactive outline where each chapter can be clicked on to jump to another part of the presentation. The most effective presentations follow a standard structure which can be broken down into opening, body and closing sections. This means that every interesting slide should clearly communicate one insight for your audience and that insight should be fully supported with both the visual in the body of the slide (chart, photograph or diagram) and with your verbal delivery.

The opening slide is the first to be presented and should be a summary or overview of your presentation topic. This helps to set the scene for what your audience will be learning, allowing them to focus on your key points and ensuring they retain the main themes of your presentation.

Ask yourself exploratory questions

This is especially important when presenting with an audience that will not be familiar with your subject area. This type of slide is also useful to provide an overview of your overall organisation or project.

Using graphical images is also a good way to make your presentation more visually appealing and has been shown to improve audience retention of information. However, it is important to limit the use of graphical images in your slides and that any graphical images used are of high quality. In addition, the use of white space in your slides is important to enhance the overall look and feel of your slides and to make them easier to read.

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