How to Choose the Best Gardening Apron

best gardening apron

A best gardening apron is the perfect way to keep your clothes clean and free of dirt while you’re tending to your plants. There are plenty of options to choose from, but the best one for you will depend on your specific needs. It should have enough pockets to hold your tools, gloves and other gardening items, but it also should be made from a material that’s durable and will stand up well to repeated washings. Look for thick materials like canvas, denim and waxed cotton. These are all resistant to stains, abrasions and water, and they’re usually waterproof too.

When selecting your apron, think about the size of your body as well. If you’re taller, a longer apron might be more comfortable for you. It’s also important to consider coverage – some gardeners want an option that covers the chest and shoulders, while others prefer something that only wraps around their waist.

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This apron from Angel is a great choice for taller gardeners as it’s fully adjustable and will fit larger bodies with ease. It’s also incredibly sturdy thanks to its use of heavy duty canvas and comes with 16 pockets to ensure every tool is close at hand. It even has a handy harvesting pouch that can be undone to empty harvested fruit or veg directly into your sink, saving you time and effort.

Another good option is this waist apron from PATILWON, which features 13 pockets including five large, four medium and two small ones, as well as dual hammer loops for quick access to your most used tools. It’s also made from a tough and wear-resistant canvas cotton that’s lined with waterproof nylon, so it can be machine washed without losing its strength.

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