Choosing the Right CBD Products

CBD is in a variety of cbd products including capsules and pills, vaping liquid, mist sprays and even pet foods. People can also buy it in topical creams, ointments and lotions, though potency can vary.

In addition to choosing the right product form, a person can look at the type of CBD they are taking: full-spectrum CBD may contain up to 0.3% THC; broad-spectrum products may have trace amounts of THC and other compounds such as terpenes; while isolate is pure, single-molecule CBD. Lastly, they should consider whether they are looking for the “entourage effect,” where other chemicals in the plant (like terpenes) add to the effects of CBD, or whether they want to take only the purest form of the compound.

CBD Products: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Types, Uses, and Benefits

While the research on CBD has been promising, it is still early days. It has been shown to help reduce anxiety in some clinical trials, but the data is equivocal and more research is needed (Russo 2017; Khalsa et al. 2020). There is also some evidence that CBD could be helpful for depression, but again, more research is needed to confirm these results (Khalsa et al. 2020).

If a person is considering trying CBD, they should talk to their healthcare provider. A number of medical professionals say they’re cautious about recommending it because there isn’t enough evidence to support many of the claims that are being made. Others, like Dr. Chung, think the compound is worth a shot for those who have tried other medications without success.

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