Used Espresso Machine Commercial

used espresso machine commercial

Just like a used espresso machine commercial would choose a very different lawnmower than a homeowner, espresso makers designed for commercial use are more robust and durable than those made for home or office use. This is why they are typically more expensive. They will be used more often, churning out large quantities of coffee with minimal rest in between uses. They will also be subject to rougher handling from multiple staff members compared to more nuanced use by the family at home.

If you want to purchase a used espresso machine commercial, keep in mind that these machines are generally built to run as 220 Volt appliances and require a dedicated circuit. They may need a floor drain and may be connected to your building’s plumbing or plumbed directly into the water line (depending on model). For a mobile option that requires no plumbing and no countertop modifications, check out the Bezzera Magica – a portable, high-powered espresso machine with a large 4 liter water reservoir.

The Savvy Barista’s Choice: Finding Quality Used Commercial Espresso Machines for Your Café

When shopping for a used or refurbished espresso machine, look for resellers that are knowledgeable about the quality of the machines they sell. These companies will have test-runs and a thorough process that ensures all products sold are in good working order. They should also list any defects or imperfections that are found.

For those looking for a more affordable, yet reliable used espresso machine for sale, we recommend the Rancilio Invicta – a robust and easy-to-use commercial espresso maker that will serve you well for years to come. With a no-frills design that helps speed up service and make advanced extraction technologies accessible, this machine will deliver consistent, high-quality results while minimizing downtime.

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