Polypropylene Rope

Polypropylene rope  and cords, or ‘Polypro’ as they are sometimes known, are a general-purpose type of rope that is widely used across a variety of commercial and leisure-based applications. They have good abrasion resistance and are lightweight, with minimal stretch. They also resist oil, most chemicals and mildew. Another significant benefit of this particular kind of rope is that it floats, making it ideal for use around electrical cables or to designate swimming lanes in pools. It is also rot-proof, which is a particularly important factor for ropes that are likely to be regularly exposed to water and may have a high chance of developing microbial attack.

These ropes are also usually produced in a wide range of vibrant hues, which significantly improves visibility and can be particularly useful when it comes to working outdoors during harsh weather conditions or in the dark depths of a body of water. This is especially true for marine ropes, which are often required to be easily spotted by other boats.

Polypropylene Rope: A Versatile Wonder for All Your Outdoor Needs

The construction and engineering industry, in particular, is a major user of polypropylene rope. Workers often utilize this rope to create large nets which can be used to carry heavy construction materials between sites, or as safe, sturdy pulley ropes for worksite scaffolding. Additionally, it is commonly added to the soil of construction sites in order to enhance the foundations’ strength. In addition to these applications, logistics and distribution companies frequently utilise this type of rope on a day-to-day basis when securing goods to pallets or binding multiple parcels together.

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