Wet Pour Play Surface

wet pour play surfaceThe wet pour play surface is a type of rubber crumb surfacing that can be used in playgrounds, schools and recreational areas. This surface is poured on site, meaning it can be installed quickly and easily around existing playground equipment to provide impact absorbing surfacing for a safe environment that meets critical fall height standards.

Wetpour consists of two layers: the base layer is made from bound SBR rubber which acts as a shockpad and the wearing course is an EPDM wearing mat in a choice of colours. The combination of these two layers creates a soft, comfortable surface that provides excellent shock absorption and traction. The wear layer of wetpour can also be printed with different patterns, colours and designs if desired which adds to the safety and design potential of this versatile surfacing.

The Ultimate Guide to Wet Pour Play Surfaces: Safety, Durability, and Fun

All wetpour surfacing is porous which allows water to drain efficiently. This prevents the build-up of puddles which can be dangerous for young children and makes the surface much easier to clean. Any dirt or stains can be removed using hot water and a mild detergent/cleaning liquid. Stains such as oil and chewing gum should be scraped off as soon as possible with a rubber-edged scraper or brush to avoid damage to the surface.

Wetpour surfacing is very long-lasting and requires minimal maintenance compared to other playground surfaces such as wood chips or PVC tiles. It can last for up to 20 years depending on the quality of rubber granules and binder used. This means it is much more cost effective than other safety surfacing options that need to be replaced frequently.

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