Best Things to Do in Iceland

best things to do in Iceland

The best things to do in Iceland is not just breathtaking but also offers a chance to connect with nature in ways you would never expect. Its three national parks are filled with hiking, horseback riding, fishing and camping opportunities as well as historic sites. At Thingvellir National Park, you can stand on the site of the original Althing, and at Vatnajokull National Park, you can explore glacier hiking trails and ice caves.

The country’s lava fields are a natural wonder in their own right. Take a look at the Eldhraun Lava Fields near Vik, where you’ll see a 218-square-mile area of rock that was once molten lava but has now become covered in a delicate green moss.

Iceland Unleashed: The Ultimate Guide to the Best Things to Do in the Land of Fire and Ice

Waterfalls are a huge part of Iceland’s landscape and one of its best things to do, and if you visit the Golden Circle during spring or summer, you can walk behind the gorgeous Seljalandsfoss waterfall. It’s even more magical in the winter as it becomes partially frozen, allowing you to take a peek through the falling ice.

Whale watching is one of the most popular activities in Iceland. Embark on this whale-watching tour from Husavik and spot the island’s signature whale, dolphins and sea birds as you cruise along Skjalfandi Bay.

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