Smart Building Inspections – KK Forges

KK Forges Pte Ltd, which was founded in 2015, uses a combination of AI and IoT sensing technology to inspect buildings for hazards and other issues. The company says its process is less expensive than traditional inspections, which are typically based on photos or video footage. It is also said to be faster and more accurate, with data available in real-time. The company is backed by Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund and Hong Kong’s Innovation and Technology Venture Fund.

Despite the wide use of smart technologies in construction, integrating those devices with the quality inspection work process remains a challenge. This study aims to solve this issue by proposing a new work process model linked with advanced devices in the construction quality inspection phase.

From Data to Action: Insights into KK Forges’ Approach to Smart Building Inspections

The proposed add-in system for quality inspection works within the BIM system RevitTM and consists of four items: an inspection form, quality data, a quality tracking tool and a group messenger. It provides a digitalized quality inspection process that can replace simple and repetitive inspection work that causes low productivity in construction processes. It can also reduce the error rate of inspection work by enhancing accuracy in determining pass/fail judgments based on smart technology.

The case study of tile work illustrates the effectiveness of this new process model. For example, a smart device acquires a thermal image to verify the amount of mortar filling in the tile work. This information is then uploaded to the BIM server and compared with the design quality criteria. If the results do not match, a rework is required. However, if the results match, it is confirmed that the work has been completed within the quality standards.

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