How to Fill a Pothole Properly

Pothole repair is an important part of any asphalt maintenance plan. Potholes are a safety hazard for drivers and pedestrians, and they can cause damage to vehicles that drive over them. It’s crucial to have your potholes repaired as soon as they start to form. When they’re left unattended, they can grow larger over time and create bigger hazards for customers, employees, and your vehicles.

Pot holes can show up in poorly maintained parking lots and roads, but they can also occur at home after a heavy snow or rain. Regardless of their cause, they’re a pain to deal with and can quickly spread across your driveway or road. Thankfully, they are also easy to fix. In this article, we’ll show you how to fill a pothole and how to do it properly so that the repair lasts.

The Ultimate Guide to Pothole Repair: Tips and Techniques

The first step in pothole repair is to remove any water or debris from the hole. This can be done using a shovel or a power broom. Once the surface is dry, make clean cuts around the pothole with a pavement saw. Be sure to cut the outline so that it extends into structurally sound asphalt.

Next, add coarse gravel to the pothole. This helps stabilize the patch and prevent water from seeping in through the bottom of the hole. Finally, add a cold patch of asphalt to the pothole and tamp it down firmly with a hand tamper or even a car tire. If you want to take it a step further, add cold joint spray and bonding tape for a more durable, long-lasting repair.

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