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If you are looking for mre for sale, then you have come to the right place. A MRE, or Meal, Ready-to-Eat, is a military field ration that provides an individual with the nutrition they need to sustain themselves in harsh environments. These rations are packaged in a tri-laminate retort pouch and can be used to prepare meals in a variety of ways.

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A complete MRE can provide an average of 1,250 calories (13% protein, 36% fat, and 51% carbohydrates) along with 1/3 of the recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals. These foods are typically more palatable than the typical canned choices, which makes them ideal for emergencies and survival kits.

These rations have the ability to last for years if they are kept in the right conditions. They should be stored in a cool, dry place, such as an unused storage center. They should also be covered so that they do not attract rodents. Moreover, they should not be exposed to sunlight or any other heat sources, as these can cause them to spoil.

MRE’s can be stored for up to ten years, even though they may start losing their flavor and texture after that time. The foods inside an MRE are usually high in carbohydrates, which means that they will keep you full longer than other canned food options.

If you are looking for MRE’s for sale, it is important to understand that not all MREs sold on the Internet are true military rations. Many are private-label civilian MREs from Sopakco and Ameriqual. If you are looking for a genuine MRE for sale, be sure to look for auctions that include front and back pictures of the MRE box with pack and inspection dates as well as the menus.

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