How to Select the Best Boat Lifts

The vast majority of boat lifts function in the same basic way, lifting boats out of the water and suspending them safely above it. However, differences between different models can make the selection process tricky and it’s important that you find a lift that is appropriate for your vessel’s size and weight.

To begin your search, determine the overall weight and widest point of your boat or personal watercraft. This information can help you narrow your choices so that you only consider lifts with the capacity to safely lift your vessel. Next, think about whether your boat has an inboard or outboard motor as these will affect how the boat is cradled on the lift and can change its capacity slightly.

Understanding Boat Lift Cost: Factors to Consider

Finally, consider your location and the water conditions you’ll be docking in. In many cases, the water depth will rise and fall significantly with tides which can have a direct effect on your boat’s lift capabilities. It’s also a good idea to look for a lift that is designed for your body of water and dock type.

Once you’ve found a lift that fits your needs, take note of its sturdiness and construction materials. A quality lift will be made of corrosion-resistant materials such as aluminum or stainless steel, which will provide long-term durability and reduced maintenance requirements. It should also feature reliable pulleys and adjustable bunk brackets for a secure and stable cradle system that can be adjusted to suit the unique size of your boat. In addition, look for safety features such as remote controls and auto-stop mechanisms that will ensure your boat is secure and easy to access.

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