Renting A Dunk Tank For Your Next Event

renting a dunk tank

Fundraisers, carnivals, block parties, graduations, family reunions – these are just a few of the many events made better by a dunk tank. But if you’re planning to host one of these functions, there are some things that you should know before renting the equipment.Check this out :

First, make sure the person who will be dunked is able to get into the seat safely. Have them practice getting into the tank by entering on their own before you bring it out for your guests to use. Make sure the water in the dunk tank is high enough that they won’t hit their heads on the bottom of the container once they’re dunked.

Wet and Wild: The Ultimate Experience of Renting a Dunk Tank

It’s also a good idea to provide consolation prizes for people who don’t successfully dunk the target. This will help keep the game fun for individuals who want to play but might not win on every toss. It’s also a great way to keep people coming back for more.

Finally, have someone monitor the dunk tank throughout its operation. If a person gets stuck or the mechanism malfunctions, it’s important to have that individual nearby to help resolve the issue.

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