Natural Gas Leak Detector


Adding a Natural gas leak detector to your home security arsenal is an important way to help protect you and your family from the potentially deadly consequences of a hidden natural gas or propane leak. These devices are handheld or mounted in fixed locations and automatically check for the presence of gas and emit an alarm when a leak is detected.

In addition to a natural gas leak detector, it’s also a good idea to routinely inspect appliances that use natural gas or propane on a regular basis, such as stoves, electric clothes dryers and water heaters. Be sure to check for a pilot light in the case of gas-powered appliances and make note of any unusual odors that may indicate a problem.

Detecting Natural Gas Leaks: The Importance of a Reliable Detector

Other signs that there’s a possible gas leak include a hissing sound near a gas appliance, an odor of rotten eggs, and white mist or fog around a suspected leak site. You can also perform a simple soap and water test by mixing soap with water and wiping down the area where a leak is suspected; bubbles in the soapy water can indicate that pinhole leaks exist in the piping.

This handheld device is ideal for checking appliances and piping around the house or yard, with a flexible probe that bends to reach tight spaces. It can detect methane, propane and even sewer gas, making it a useful tool for homeowners and professionals alike. It’s UL-Listed, meaning it meets the safety standards of Underwriters Laboratories, and has adjustable sensitivity to minimize false alarms. It comes with a manual and three AAA batteries.

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